Co Uk What Does It Mean?

/dɑːtˌkoʊ.dɑːt.juːˈkeɪ/ the last part of an internet address that belongs to a British company.

What does co uk stand for? domain name often denotes a website used for businesses, such as shops or companies, (‘. co’ stands for ‘ commercial ‘), as long as your website is specific to the United Kingdom it can also be used to denote a more general site.

Is a co uk domain good? domain extensions are a perfect choice if you have a local UK-based company or are mostly interested in attracting UK visitors and customers. They’re often a little cheaper and they may imply personal or local service that chains often don’t.

What is the difference between and co uk? domain name means a British business whereas can mean a business anywhere in the world. It’s not as if the big players don’t own both and could use if they wanted to: they simply know that British customers are more at home visiting. websites.

What does co uk mean on email? is the country-specific domain extension for the UK – ‘. co’ stands for ‘ commercial ‘. If you are a UK-based business, let your website visitors or customers know with a. domain extension.

Why is uk domain name co uk?

uk is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the United Kingdom. It was first registered in July 1985, seven months after the original generic top-level domains such and the first country code after.

Why is co uk not com uk?

Internet domain names usually end with two letters for the country code, which runs from ad (Andorra) to zw (Zimbabwe). We use uk instead of gb because uk was already in use on Janet, the joint academic network. American addresses should end with.

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Should I buy co uk com? If anything, you should stick with. if your business is primarily for customers in the UK. If your services are available globally, then address is preferable. or co uk matter?

So our advice is simply: If the UK market is of no importance to you buy domains. If you are a UK site and you are not concerned with your position in the international search engines, then buy just. versions of your domain names.

Is co uk a reliable source? are educational or government websites so are usually reliable. Addresses which end with a.,.com or. org can be bought and used by anyone but this doesn’t mean they are unreliable.

Why do some websites have co uk?

co. uk is a geographic domain name that is often used in the United Kingdom to attract a local represents a business platform in the early stages, and it represents you internationally. It’s no wonder that it’s the most common addition.

Why do some companies and co uk? domain. domain extension has now become an international web address and appears in search engine results around the globe, which is why many businesses choose version first.

Why do some companies have co uk addresses?

Reasons to choose “.” a “.com” domain is an international domain and your customers may feel more at ease dealing with a UK based company rather than a “.com” which may portray your company as a global, not local, player.

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How much is a co uk?

You can register. domains now at 123 Reg for 99p for first year (+VAT), but hurry as this is the British Isle’s most popular extension. * This offer only applies to the first year. Limited to 1 domain per customer and only for new customers.

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